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What is a Calcutta?

Join us at 2:00 PM on June 23 at Snow Farm Vineyard in South Hero for the 2024 Calcutta!

What is a Calcutta?

Join us as we embark on the exhilarating journey that a Calcutta offers! This isn't merely an event—it's  a thrilling adventure where strategy, fortune, and enjoyment converge. Have you ever envisioned  transforming an afternoon filled with excitement into a significant gesture of support? This is precisely  the opportunity a Calcutta present.  

A total of 100 balls are available for purchase, featuring a grand prize of $1,500, along with additional  cash and gift rewards for every tenth ball. The proceeds, after deducting the awarded prizes, will  benefit Champlain Adaptive Mounted Program (CHAMP), making your participation not just fun, but  also a meaningful contribution. 

We start with 100 numbered ping pong balls, placed into a container. This year, special  attention is drawn to balls #50 and 100, which are set aside for auction. 


When your number is drawn, you're out of the game, losing your shot at the grand prize of  $1,500— unless you've played it smart with insurance.

Purchase Tickets

By Phone: Call (720) 480-3755

By Email:

By Check: Make checks payable to CHAMP and mail to 57 East Shore Road, South Hero, VT 05486

Online: Purchase tickets online here

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