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CHAMP Annual Trail Ride

Date: Saturday September 16, 2023

Each Fall, the Champlain Adaptive Mounted Program hosts the CHAMP Annual Benefit Trail Ride in beautiful South Hero, Vermont.

Riders enjoy an 8- or 16-mile trail ride through green meadows, bountiful apple orchards and cool cedar woods. A buffet picnic lunch is served to riders on the shores of Lake Champlain, while horses enjoy a cool drink or even splash in the lake. During lunch, volunteers are available to hold your horse while you take a break to eat and relax. The trail is approximately 16 miles round trip. You can ride the entire thing, or trailer your horse home from the lunch site.

In addition to being a wonderful opportunity to spend the day enjoying the scenic beauty of the Lake Champlain Islands, the Trail Ride is a key source of funding for CHAMP.

Why does CHAMP need to raise money? Did you know riders fees support only 25% of the cost of the program? The remaining 75% is raised by our fundraisers and grants. Think of the four legs of a horse – riders pay for one leg and CHAMP needs to raise money to support the other three legs! We hope you will be excited about helping us raise funds so we can continue to offer fun and therapeutic lessons at low cost to all our riders.

The only requirement for a rider to participate in the Trail Ride is to raise pledges totaling $150 or more.  Riders collecting over $350 will be qualified for additional prizes. In past years, riders have gathered pledges totaling thousands of dollars, making this one of the most important fund-raisers for the CHAMP Program!  All money and pledge forms must be turned in by the morning of the Trail Ride.

Trail Ride participants must bring a current negative Coggins and rabies certificate for their horse. We encourage all riders to wear an ASTM-approved riding helmet.

Please consider participating in our Annual Benefit Trail Ride. You’ll see why riders return year after year for this fun event. With your help, we can continue to change lives, one ride at a time.

To participate in the Trail Ride, complete the Trail Ride Registration Form.  Questions call CHAMP at (802) 372-4087.

CHAMP Annual Trail Ride

David Lee Stewart Memorial Golf Tournament

Presented by the Arrowhead Eagles, F.O.E. #4218 of Milton,  the David Lee Stewart Memorial Golf Tournament is a terrific way to enjoy a game of golf and benefit CHAMP.

To participate in the Benefit, visit our Schedules and Forms page and complete the Golf Tournament Registration Form.

Golf Tournament

Workshops, Clinics, and Benefits

Follow us on Facebook to learn of CHAMP special benefit events and fundraisers that offer a fun experience for everyone and benefit the CHAMP programs.   In past years, these events have included such great activities as a Tim Hayes natural horsemanship Problem Solving Workshop, a special showing of Harry and Snowman at the Essex Cinemas, and the David Lee Stewart Memorial Golf Tournament at the Enosburgh golf links. 

These events have been wonderful opportunities to get together with friends and family to support CHAMP and have a great time.  Stay tuned!

Workshops, Clinics and Benefits

If I Could Ride - at the Essex Experience

June 6, 5PM

Join us for an exclusive showing of "If I Could Ride" hosted by the T-Rex Theatre at the Essex Experience. 

Learn more and purchase tickets here. 

If I Could Ride
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